I spent a day texting with someone who shares different beliefs than me about guns laws.   I am trying to find and navigate the untrodden middle ground.  I believe we are caught up in power struggles and semantics all too often.

Gun laws are not the solution.

They are more like a Band-Aid.

Implementing gun laws has the potential to cover up the wound we are dealing with.

They are not going to fix America’s big bruises.

Our country is wounded.

People are suffering in so many ways.

We need to treat this wound and address it directly.

We are in crisis and scared about our prognosis.

We have no time to waste before more blood is shed.

We need to focus on stabilization.

We have to accept that our wound is deep.

We need to respect that the cause is complex.

A bandage can bring relief, comfort and protection.

It does not heal the wound.

Healing takes time and it comes from within.

The body has to do the work.

Bandages are universally accepted.

They are often the first step when treating a bleeding wound.

They are a quick and immediate way to remedy an undesired injury.

They allow for a more smooth healing process to begin.

Gun laws are a necessary Band-Aid.

They are an appropriate first response.

They provide critical security.

With them we can focus on diagnosing and curing our wound.

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